Sara Solomon Lite Case Study

The Challenge:

Dr Sara Solomon is a world known intermittent fasting athlete. She has a large following
of loyal fans that follow her diet and training protocols. She spends an enormous amount
of time dedicating her time helping women achieve their goals by posting creative recipes
and her daily workouts online. But her fans need more. They need the convenience of
looking up reciepes at the grocery store or doing their workouts out of a hotel or where
do don’t have to go on the website.
The Solution:
Zettanode teamed up with Dr Sara Solomon and developed a mobile app to bring her
workouts and recipes to her fans at their fingertips, regardless of where they are. This app
lead to a 10,000 downloads in 4 months and an average 4.7 star rating across the Android
and iOS platforms.
Download the app here:
Itunes: Download Link
Android: Download Link

Sara Solomon Pro Case Study

With the success of her lite version (over 10,000 downloads in 3 months), Sara Solomon wants to provide her users with in-app calorie tracking functionality. Solution: Zettanode designed from beginning to end a user experience for her fans, to be able to log in, automatically get their caloric intake requirements and begin tracking their daily calories through the app! This app allows users to find recipes that hit their macros and record daily and watch their weight melt off!

App coming soon to the Apple Store