Gulé Sheikh

Founder and CEO

Gule has been in the tech sector for 16+ years, where she has led and managed large enterprise wide teams. Through her career she has managed large scale Program Management Offices overseeing cross enterprise projects in several industries including financial and healthcare sectors. She has worked with her clients on building strategic roadmaps, implementation plans and execution strategies. She is creative by nature and passionate about the process of an idea and creating it into a product.

Poulose Matthen

iOS Engineer

Since graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Poulose has worked as a designer of innovative product packaging, and as a copywriter in an advertising agency. Additionally, he helped set up and start an online flavors and fragrances company and worked with a freelancer to develop a digital catalogue/menu application focusing on wine for Android and iOS tablets. Thoroughly enjoying the app development process, he learned how to code for iOS and has been developing applications since.

Stephanie Cruz

UX/UI Designer

A graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, ON, Stephanie has always been a creative problem solver and storyteller. With a strong background in graphic design, her love for the craft evolved into a love for all things digital and interactive. Ultimately, Stephanie strives to get the BIG idea across through beautifully designed interfaces that create the best user experiences possible.

Sonya Gill

Social Media and Marketing Strategist

Sonya Gill, has combined her love for Journalism with Social Media to create a full cycle brand profile for our clients. She creates a complete social strategy where she will focus and drive our customers online and mobile presence through digital marketing, social networking and connecting brands to social influencers.

Dimple Jani

Business Development

Dimple is the Business Development lead for ZettaNode. She has extensive experience in managing demanding timelines for our client and has a deep passion for technology. She puts all her clients needs first and foremost and has worked to identify the needs of each of the client and oversee’s the day to day tasks to ensure nothing is delayed.

Guping Ma

Social Media and Marketing Rep

Guping graduated from University of Georgia with master degree in advertising. She has in-depth experience in advertising, communication, sales, HR and Campaign Design and Branding. Her strong experience and solid academic background in advertising and mass communication allows her to focus on each of our clients with quality, care and precision.

Ziwei Han

Marketing and Advertising Rep

Ziwei is a second-year graduate student at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Stuart School of Business, concentrating in Marketing Analytics and Communication.She has extensive experience in marketing and previously was as an account executive at a digital company.She has experience with using databases to analyze consumer behaviours and preference. She has worked with several digital platforms skillfully and found suitable marketing strategies for consumers.

Ashley Kane

Social Media Marketing and Blogger

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